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Gran Fruttato Italian Selection 16.9oz ( 500ML)

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1.75 LBS
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Selection of 100% Italian olives with a fruity and intense taste, ideal for the most demanding palates. Rich and variegated olfactory bouquet, evokes herbaceous and spicy tones. A few raw drops are enough to enhance traditional dishes or contemporary creations.

The unmistakable pungent flavor is a result of the abundance of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants to which modern medicine attributes a fundamental role in defending the organism from oxidation and cell aging.

Irreplaceable on bruschetta, salads and raw vegetables.

Technical Evaluation

Fragrance: very fruity, floral 
Flavor: slightly bitter almond, pungent 
Density: full bodied 
Color: green with golden yellow hues 
Acidity: 0.3% (less than a third of the maximum allowed by law: 0.8%)