Monocultivar Nocellara 16.9 fl oz (500ML)

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1.90 LBS
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At the 2018 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition,
against an extremely qualified field of about 700 small and medium quality producers.

Winner of the

- Mugelli Award
- Best of Show
- Best of Class
- Gold Medal


The Nocellara olive varietal is a cultivar native of Sicily, its aromas reminiscent of tomato leaves, mown grass, mint and sweet almond. The oil obtained from this cultivar has a fresh balance of bitter and spicy, as the oil is freshly squeezed, and is complex with multiple flavors.

A pure, natural extra virgin olive oil, which contains the Mediterranean flavors of an island kissed by the sun, where oil is a thousand-year old tradition. The quality of this oil is the result of careful and constant work, as important as the soil from which its olive trees are born.