Extra Virgin Olive Oil ORGANIC - 16.9oz (500ML)

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2.20 LBS
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"Monini Organic" is dedicated to all of those who choose living in harmony with nature and appreciate its natural gifts. The agricultural treatments used in organic farming are designed to strengthen the natural defences of the plants.
The observance of the procedures is ensured and certified thanks to the severe controls conducted and certified by
ICEA - Istituto Italiano per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale - (the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification).

The particular delicacy and balanced flavor of "Bios" make it an ideal condiment for fish, white meats and vegetables.

Technical Evaluation

Fragrance: fruity, slightly grassy, lightly floral
Flavour: intense of fresh and slightly bitter almond, slightly bitter and pungent medium bodied
Density: medium bodied
Color: green with golden yellow hues
Acidity: 0.4% (less than half of the maximum allowed by law: 0.8%)