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Being in harmony with yourself takes a simple gesture. 
Monini’s EXTRA V beauty product line is a journey through well-being, balance, nutrition and body care; where Extra Virgin Olive Oil – the paramount element of the Mediterranean diet – is at the center of it.


With three generations of experience in Extra Virgin Olive oil, Monini has developed a totally natural line of cosmetics with a precious ingredient and an exclusive formula. Areal “skinfood” to restore and nourish your skin every day. EXTRA V: cosmetics speaking to your skin in its own language.

Product Line includes: Hand Cream, Skinfood Nourishing Cream, Body Cream, Body Wash, Hand Soap

All products are “clean”: NO coloring agents, phtalates, parabens, stereatesor preservatives. 
All products contain Organic extracts, and are dermatology tested.
All products are sold in convenient dispensers designed exclusively for Monini.

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